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Allie’s Gift 2014

The Filament Theatre Ensemble is now accepting applications for the fourth annual Allie’s Gift, a financial award granted annually to an emerging Chicago theatre artists to help subsidize the costs of career-related expenses.

Allison Powell served as Filament’s business manager from February of 2010 until her untimely passing in January of 2011. As creative as she was business-savvy, Allie helmed Filament’s much loved Chose Thine Own Adventure, a raucous theatrical experience combining text from nearly 20 of Shakespeare’s plays. Like so many of us, Allie aspired to ultimately earn a living in the arts, but held day jobs in the meantime to support herself and save money for graduate school. As she wrote in her first correspondence with Filament when discussing her day job, “I love art, but I also love food.” Although she is not here to experience the fruits of her work, her leadership and vision for Filament’s financial viability laid the essential groundwork for Filament’s growth from an itinerant company to a full-time organization on Chicago’s northwest side, and we at Filament are grateful every day for her contributions.

In celebration of Allie’s memory and her belief in the value of artists’ work, the Filament Theatre Ensemble will award Allie’s Gift to one Chicago artist who demonstrates passion, dedication, and a love for their art in addition to a financial need. Allie’s Gift will award up to $350 towards a specific artistic project or endeavor (i.e. materials, a class, headshots, etc.). Past Allie’s Gift recipients are Kevin Crowley (’11), who purchased a keyboard for the creation of a musically-based one man show; Vanessa Valliere (’12) for classes with master teacher Paola Coletto; and Ryan Westwood (’13) to study the banjo.

Application Requirements:

-Please write us a brief letter (no more than 3 pages) telling us a bit about yourself and your specific intended use of the Allie’s Gift funding, including a brief statement describing your current financial situation (primary source of income, etc.).

-A current resume in pdf format.

-Applicants must currently live in Chicago, pursuing a career in theatre arts.

-Any samples of your work – portfolio, video, audio, etc. – are encouraged but not required.

Applications should be emailed to gift[at]filamenttheatre[dot]org, attached as pdf documents. Applications are due no later than 5pm on Friday, April 18. Applicants may be contacted for an interview. The recipient of Allie’s Gift will be announced on Allie’s birthday, Friday April 26. For any questions about Allie’s Gift or the application process, do not hesitate to email us at info[at]filamenttheatre[dot]org.

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