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Cloudia has always had her head in the clouds. She is a cloud expert and all of her life she has dreamt of seeing a Cloud Man – an extremely rare creature who lives a quiet life high up in the sky.

Follow the clues to the very top of Cloud Mountain where the views are always surprising.

If you are lucky, you may see something very special indeed.

Designed for ages 4-7, but all ages are always welcome at Filament.

“Puppet maker Ailie Cohen has been delighting young folk and their grown-ups for many a Fringe with her original stories and fairy-tale adaptations.

Cloud Man is no exception, a deceptively simple story that will melt even the flintiest of hearts.” The List ****


“…a beautifully realised and delicately performed piece of puppetry which entrances the audience and contains a moral message which doesn’t feel forced.” Edinburgh Spotlight ****


Dates: March 16 – April 28, 2024

Performance Times: Saturdays at 11am & 2pm / Sundays at 2pm (special opening weekend times: Sat, March 16 at 1pm/Sun, March 17 at 11am & 3pm)

Run time: 45 minutes

Designed for: Ages 4-7 (all ages always welcome at Filament)

Cost: $12-15 per person


Are there puppets?
Yes! Cloud Man features original puppets designed by Ailie Cohen.

How long is the performance?
45 minutes

What ages is this performance for?
Cloud Man’s design, text, original music, and vibrant storytelling will appeal to all ages, but the show has been specifically designed for ages 4 – 7. All ages are always welcome at Filament.

When should we arrive?
Filament encourages you to arrive 20-30 minutes before show time to participate in pre-show activities.

Where will we sit?
The audience is invited to sit on chairs or floor cushions. To request accommodations for your party, please email

Will we move during the performance?
There will be some conversation between the performer and the audience, but you will remain seated throughout the performance.

What is your health and safety plan?
Please refer to the health and safety tab of our website, linked here.

Are group sales and/or birthday party packages available?
Yes, please contact to purchase tickets for a group of 10 or more. All performances are public and private parties are not available for this production, but your group may book our party room following the performance.


Sitting on little cloud cushions, the audience watches Cloudia as she follows clues which lead her to the top of Cloud Mountain, where they will find a big surprise!

A cleverly staged show with puppets, storytelling and lots of clouds, the show explores the ways we try and make sense of the world and encourages the audience to notice the beauty and wonder to be found in everyday life.

“Puppet maker Ailie Cohen has been delighting young folk and their grown-ups… with her original stories and fairy-tale adaptations. Cloud Man is no exception, a deceptively simple story that will melt even the flintiest of hearts.” 

The List (UK) ★★★★

Now booking Monday – Thursday, from March 18 – April 11, 2024

Running time: 45 mins

Designed specifically for ages 4-7. 

Theatre seats 70 – 80 when some students sit on cushions.

Flexible pricing by classroom or per student. Sliding scale based on free/reduced lunch.

Schedule a complimentary pre-field trip meeting (20 min) to prepare for your field trip and to learn more about Filament’s unique child-centered practices. 


Cloud Man meets the following Illinois Early Childhood Learning Standards:

Science: Show respect for living things; Observe, ask questions, solve problems, and draw conclusions; Take care of the environment; Understand rules to follow when investigating and exploring.  (Standards: 11A, 12A,B,E,F, 13A,B)

The Arts: Gain exposure; Understand how the arts can express emotions (Standards 25, 26) 

SEL:  Demonstrate decision-making skills; Healthy relationship skills (Standards 30, 31, 32) 

Themes: Independent learning, care and respect for other living things, patience and diligence, the rewards of putting another being’s welfare above your own, kindness, curiosity. 


Running time: 45 mins

The children sit on cushions to watch the performance. There are some moments of audience interaction between the performer and children.

The show tells the story of Cloudia, a Cloud Scientist who has always wanted to see a Cloud Man. Ever since she was a little girl, she would look for signs of Cloud Men. Some people thought she was crazy and that they didn’t exist at all. But sometimes she would see things, a tiny footprint on a cloud, or a little scarf that had fallen from the sky, or one time she even heard what she thought was a Cloud Man singing his haunting song… drifting on the wind….

So she decides to move to Cloud Mountain, the cloudiest mountain in the world, and live alone in a tiny hut, conducting experiments and looking for clues. For years and years and years… she remains optimistic that one day she’ll get to meet a Cloud Man.

One day, when she is out on a trip to get supplies, a Cloud Man comes to visit! He sneaks into her tiny hut and has a good look around. He rummages in his cupboards, explores his experiments and finds all of his things that Cloudia has found and put in specimen jars. Then he finds her biscuits! And he is delighted because he loves biscuits. 

Cloudia comes home, and the Cloud Man hides. She notices that things are out of place, and it all seems very strange indeed. She carefully pieces together the journey he has gone on by following the trail of disruption. Eventually, she finds him! He cannot believe it! All her life he has waited for this moment.

He is very quiet and shy, but he is very polite. She sees that he has been eating biscuits, so she gives him another one. He is very happy about that! He makes a sculpture out of cloud and gives it to Cloudia as a gift. 

He makes a little bow and starts to leave. Cloudia is taken aback, he can’t leave so soon, she’s been waiting for so long! She pleads with him to stay, but he just goes to leave. 

She has an idea. She gets the biscuit jar and says ‘look, you can come and have all the biscuits you want!’ The Cloud Man is excited. He trots along and runs head first into the jar, and Cloudia quickly puts the lid on. She has trapped him!  

The Cloud Man is shocked. Cloudia tries to explain, she’ll look after him, give him biscuits and warm milk. She’ll make him a lovely comfy bed. He is very worried and tries to get out of the jar. She decides to ignore her ‘til he’s calmer and make some scientific observations, but the Cloud Man seems to get more and more upset. 

Cloudia has waited all this time to find a Cloud Man and now she has one, but he just keeps looking up at the clouds overhead… Cloudia has to make a decision.

And so she lets him go…

The Cloud Man scurries back to his Cloud. And he let Cloudia see inside, which was more wonderful and complicated than she could have imagined. She sees all the different parts of the Cloud, where the rain is made, where the snow is made, where the sunshine catches, and she sees the Cloud Man playing. 

And Cloudia is happy knowing that he is happy. And when still to this day, if she’s lucky, that same Cloud Man comes back to visit and waves down from his cloud as he drifts slowly past in the sky. 

Filament recognizes that every audience is, in fact, a neurodiverse audience.  We welcome those with sensory sensitivities to attend any performance they wish, and we also designate specific performances for those who would like a sensory-friendly show. 

Cloud Man sensory-friendly performance is scheduled for April 6, 11:00AM


What changes are made during a sensory friendly performance? 

    • Not many, Cloud Man is a uniquely sensory friendly show, but sound and lights will be adjusted to optimize the experience
    • the audience will be aware that fellow audience members may have specific sensitivities; while all our audiences are considerate to needs, these performances come with a heightened awareness of others sensory needs

What stays the same during a sensory friendly performance? 

    • The lobby is always available for those who need a quiet break.

press & media inquiries please contact

By Ailie Cohen and Lewis Hetherington
Directed by Alasdair Satchel
Soundtrack by Niroshini Thambar and Nik Paget-Tomlinson
Illustrations by Ailie Cohen
Performed by Molly Bunder

Constellation Points is the collaboration between Ailie Cohen and Lewis Hetherington, with Producer Sarah Gray.

Constellation Points create playful, curious and engaging work for audiences of all ages. They create theatre which uses visuals, music, text and more to tell beautiful original stories which are full of heart, fun and magic.

They create work which encourages us to reflect and think deeply and creatively about the world we live in and the challenges we face. They create fantastical and colourful story worlds which celebrate the extraordinary nature of the ordinary, and last long in the imaginations of audiences.

The name Constellation Points reflects the deeply collaborative nature of the company’s work. Each show is carefully constructed by a team of makers, each one being a vital and beautiful point of light in creating the constellation of that show.

Work includes Cloud Man, The Secret Life of Suitcases and Rocket Post! Their work has travelled all over the world delighting audiences in China, Dubai, Egypt, Japan, America, Australia and more, as well as extensively throughout the UK.

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