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We of the Filament Theatre Ensemble are thrilled to introduce you to the Filament Marketplace, our new alternative to traditional ticket sales.

As part of our commitment to community, imagination, and sustainability, the Filament Theatre Ensemble is re-imagining our ticketing system for our 2011 spring productions. As a company, we were inspired by the model of Community Supported Agriculture and wondered what that would look like translated into the world of theatre.

When you buy a ticket to one of our shows, your money is going directly towards that production’s budget or our season operating budget. You are giving us the funds to provide costumes, sets, pay rent, and compensate our artists. By exploring a model of Community Supported Theatre, we hope to illuminate this transaction – eliminating the middle man, this mysterious “ticket” – and show you dollar for dollar where your money is going.

Yes, you choose where your money goes. You want to support the artists? Sponsor a costume? Help us pay our rent? With our wide range of sponsorship prices (from $5 to $35), you can not only specifically choose where to allocate your sponsorship, but you can also select how much money you wish to invest.

The Filament Theatre Ensemble values transparency in all areas of the company. We are striving be transparent in all our financial exchanges with our audiences as well.

Through our Community Supported Theatre system, you will be able to sponsor a specific item from the show, or sponsor towards meeting a budget goal such as actor stipends, rent, etc. For each item you choose to sponsor, we invite you to come see the product of your investment! Sponsor two items? Two people come see. And so on.

The cost is broken down with our real budget numbers. We are so grateful for your patronage and for your financial sponsorship – we want you to know exactly where your money is going.

Producing a play is a community effort, one that is supported on all sides from artists, administrators, and audiences, and we are thrilled to move towards a ticketing model that honors and celebrates that community.

Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions!  We are eager to test this new system, and your questions and feedback will be a huge asset in helping us grow and learn.

The Folks at the Filament Theatre Ensemble

Click here to visit the Filament Marketplace!

Show Information:
From the Circle: Remembering the Earth Through Folktales
September 30-November 13
Fri. and Sat. at 8:00pm and Sun. at 2:00pm

All performances are at The Den Theatre
1333 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago

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