After careful research and reflection, we have decided to host our camps virtually this summer. We have developed a curriculum intended to keep our campers as safe as possible, while still fostering the important creative and social outlets that are so critical to the summer camp experience.  We look forward to summer camp every year, and deciding to go virtual was a very difficult decision and I wanted to share our thought process with you.

Current best practices for summer camp safety are largely focused on how to contain a spread of COVID-19, not prevent it. There is no such thing as no risk to in-person gatherings and as an organization we determined that we are not comfortable with any level of risk to our campers, families, and teaching artists. Unfortunately, the only guaranteed way to prevent a Coronavirus outbreak at Filament camp is to host it online.

As a small organization, we simply do not have the ability to follow CDC cleaning procedures, enforce mask-wearing and social distancing with young and enthusiastic campers, and ensure the safe transit of our teaching artists via public transportation, while still providing you with the quality Filament camp experience you have come to expect.

We are working to develop programs that allow for the possibility of small in-person interactions that we can safely execute with confidence. Our virtual summer camps will include lots of opportunities for social interaction and lots of time away from the screen. And should new information come to light that allows us to gather in person, we will re-evaluate and make changes that allow for the best experience possible. 

This is an incredibly hard time for young people, and Filament is committed to working with young people and families to come up with creative solutions to the problems of isolation. I invite you to reach out to me with questions and ideas.

We are grateful for your understanding and your commitment to work with us to make Filament a safe, joyful place for young people and families. 

Julie Ritchey

Artistic Director