How to (Divvy) Bike Sherlock

  1. Purchase a 24-hour Divvy Bike pass – $9.95/pass* (Please note, this entitles you to unlimited 30 minute rides within 24 hours).Please familiarize yourself with the system prior to the start of the show. See video below.
  2. Once you’re at the theatre & the show has started, bike groups will travel to Milwaukee & Cuyler for patrons to pick up their bikes.**
  3. Enter your 24-hour code into the Divvy Station at Milwaukee & Cuyler and then into any available bike**
  4. Bike Sherlock! Travel around the neighborhood helping Holmes solve the case!
  5. After gathering clues, Sherlock will lead you back to the Divvy station to return your bike (wait for the green light to confirm you’ve locked your bike!)
  6. After the show, you have the rest of the day to access any Divvy station for more 30 minute rides!

*Bikes will be in use for 35-55 minutes without a dock, so Divvy bikers will incur an overcharge charge of $2 per bike.
**If there are no bikes available at the time of the show, you will be switched into a walking group.

Be sure to purchase your tickets to Bike Sherlock in advance! Buy Tickets…

Get a FREE 24hr pass for the weekend of 7/16!

Questions? Email: boxoffice@filamenttheatre. For more info about Sherlock, click here…

Divvy Frequently asked Questions:
Learn about the 24-hour Pass

Teach Me How To Divvy: Getting a 24-Hour Pass from Divvy Bikes on Vimeo.