We’re cooking up our most delicious season yet!
Help Filament foot the bill for some of the key ingredients in its 10th Anniversary Season!

A Playwright Commission
…world premieres by playwrights from as near as Chicago to as far as Tasmania
$250/month ($3,000)

A Director in Demand
…directors who have worked from Chicago all the way to Broadway
$150/month ($1,800)

A School Field Trip
…tickets discounted almost 70% plus offering additional need based scholarships
$100/month ($1,200)

An Interactive Lobby Design
…a Filament experience begins when you walk through the door
$50/month ($600)

A Fully Featured Website
…easy to use , engaging and supported
$25/month ($300)

A Community Gathering Space
…for local art groups, nonprofits and businesses to collaborate
$10/month ($120)

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