Tuesdays from Sept 24 – Oct 29, 2019
Grade Recommendation: PreK – 5th

Soledad is the child of migrant farm workers. She loves the universe. And she loves her family. Soledad goes where her family goes, where the crops will grow. With every move comes a new school and the struggle to make new friends. The imaginative Soledad finds solace in books, and in her constant companion Luna — the moon — who follows her wherever she goes. When Soledad meets Frida and Emilio, she finds her first chance at human friends her own age. She must challenge the world she knows and discover that “Taking risks is hard to do, but taking risks builds courage too.”

In this newly imagined production, director Alejandro Tey and his team take families on an interactive journey on a search for friendship and belonging.

  • Immigrant Experience
  • Migrant Workers
  • Making Friends
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Family Dynamics
  • Spanish Language
  • Dance / Song
  • Non-traditional performance

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FORTS: Build your own adventure!

Friday from Dec 6 – Jan 31, 2020
Grade Recommendation: Pre-K – High School (Grade separation) – 30 max per performance

Enter a world of play and creation as Filament Theatre transforms into a play-space for children to build new worlds. Using cardboard boxes, sheets, clotheslines, and more, students will work together to build adventures of their own devising. With theatrical design elements working together to support creative play, your classroom is sure to be swept away in the adventure!

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Creative Play
  • Planning / Executing
  • Collaboration / Cooperation

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  • Tickets: $10/ticket for the first 50 and $7 for each additional ticket. (minimum of 35 tickets must be purchased). Need based subsidies are available while funding lasts.
  • Teachers & Chaperones are free!
  • Study materials and post show discussion with the cast included!
  • Capacity and seating arrangements vary based on the production.
  • Sensory-friendly field trips available on request.
  • Performances times range from 9:30am to 12pm depending on the performance.
  • Additional start times / performance dates may be available on request.

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About Filament Theatre:

Filament provides an immersive Chicago theatre experience! Located in the heart of the Six Corners Shopping District (just off of I90/94), Filament is easy to get to and is dedicated to developing engaging theatre for young people.

As you know, experiencing live theatre empowers students to bring energy, creativity and curiosity into all disciplines of study. Filament’s creative use of space, live music, and its multi-disciplinary approach to theatre will encourage students to dive deeper into their own imaginations.

Pictures from Past Filament Theatre Productions:

This program is made possible in part due to the sponsorship of Fort Knox Studios.

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Featured Photo: Collage includes The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles (2018), The Snow Queen (2014, puppet by Jeff Semmerling), FORTS (2018, Audia Inc).