Filament Season Auditions

Now accepting submissions for Filament’s 2010/2011 season generals. Please send a headshot and resume to Or send us a message through My Theatre Club (*check out information below). Please indicate role and/or production you are interested in and whether or not you have specific day and/or time requests (we cannot guarantee but will try to accommodate all requests). You will be notified via e-mail with date, time, and location the week of Aug 22nd. Submission deadline 8/21!! Non-Union. Stipend.

CHOOSE THINE OWN ADVENTURE by William Shakespeare, adapted by Allison Powell directed by Julie Ritchey. Fri and Sat nights Oct 22nd -Dec 11th.

A comedy based on Shakespeare’s most famous works. Instead of stumbling into the fated and most tragic deaths, duels, and mistaken identities of the Bard, the protagonists look to the audience for guidance and otherwise familiar plot lines twist and turn into hilarity and surprise “To be or not to be?” You decide!

Note: This show is taking place in a bar. All actors must be 21+.

Seeking: 4 actors 1M, 1F, 2-non gender specific. All actors will play several characters, genders, ages, etc. Experience with Shakespeare and Improve a plus.

Preparation: Please prepare a 1-2 minute Shakespeare piece you love. Don’t worry about gender, age, race, comic vs. dramatic, etc. Your love for the lines you choose is most important.

Note: Callbacks for this production will take place Monday evening 8/30.

EURYDICE by Sarah Ruhl directed by Julie Ritchey.

Taking place spring of 2011. Specific dates TBD.

Eurydice is an adaptation of the Greek myth Orpheus told from Eurydice’s point of view. This play is full of whimsy, magic, direct audience address, and vivid imagery. Both Heartbreaking and Beautiful. Seeking actors for the following roles:

Eurydice (Female, 20s – 30s): Eurydice is naïve, curious – sometimes to a fault – petulant, intelligent, practical, and sincere. Loves language, words and ideas.

Orpheus (Male, 20s – 30s): Orpheus is a dreamer, an artist, a composer of music so beautiful that it opens the gates of the Underworld. He is capable of profound joy and profound sorrow. Musical ability, singer and/or instrumentalist a plus.

Eurydice’s Father (Male, 40s – 60s): Dignified without being unapproachable, like Gregory Peck or Michael Caine. Patient and resourceful, with a twinkle in his eye. He swing dances and reads King Lear with equal joy and vigor. He loves reading, writing, and Eurydice.

Nasty Interesting Man/Lord of the Underworld (Male, 20s-30s): Double cast. Both are slimy and even a bit dangerous, but still wholly magnetic and alluring. One might be drawn to them the way that Sleeping Beauty was drawn to the spindle. The Nasty Interesting Man is perhaps a bit like an unethical salesman. The Lord of the Underworld is like a megalomaniac child who fries ants with a magnifying glass and tries to kiss all the girls on the playground.

A Chorus of Stones (M or F, any age): As a group, they are three strange creatures living in the Underworld. Individually, they are Big Stone, Little Stone, and Loud Stone, and although their names need not be taken literally, they certainly can be. Ruhl describes them behaving like “nasty children at a birthday party.” They are the protectors of order in the Underworld, and find Eurydice and her Father’s failure to comply with the rules extremely maddening. Not always kind or rational, but certainly sincere and well-meaning in their own way.

Preparation: Please prepare a brief poem (2 min max). Margaret Atwood or e.e. cummings are good examples of poets to look at in terms of style. Using this poem as a base, create a fully realized world for it. Through the language and physicality we should have a strong sense of what is happening. What kind of character are you? To whom are you speaking? What is the situation and where is this moment taking place? This specificity is not meant to intimidate but to allow absolute freedom, creativity, and artistry. Your Imagination is appreciated and celebrated by the Filament artistic team!!

ORPHEUS created and directed by Omen Sade.

Taking place Spring 2011. Specific dates TBD.

Based on the Greek myth Opheus. This play was workshopped last season and will ultimately be created and revised by and with the actors cast.  Seeking actors with a strong sense of play and improvisation, both physical and musical, and a willingness to tap into the divine and grotesque.

Note: Strong background in clown, commedia, physical theater, mime, pantomime and or acrobatics/circus skills is highly recommended for all roles. Seeking actors for the following:

Orpheus: A young man who has seen a little bit of the world and thinks he knows his place in it. The best musician in the world and the wandering priest of Dionysius, god of wine, etc. Must posses strong musical ability, does not matter much in what style or instrument. Possibly interested in beatboxers/rappers for this role.

Eurydice: A young woman who has seen a little bit of the world and knows what she likes.  A true optimist. Must posses some musical ability, does not matter much in what style or instrument. Possibly interested in dancers for this role.

The Bouffons: The dark chorus of our play.  A trio of grotesque, transformative, bouffant (in the modern tradition of Jacques Lecoq) who take on the roles of every other character in the story.  There is a clear hierarchy within the trio.  These roles will be extremely physical.  Strong musical ability is a big plus for these roles, especially percussion/rhythm.

Fate: That ageless, relentless power that spins, measures, and cuts the golden threads of human lives. We are looking for one extraordinary musician/DJ to provide the live sound-scape for our show as well as create a party atmosphere for our audience. Must have strong improvisational skills. The ideal candidate will be someone who can truly play with music and sound, mixing unexpected sounds and musical styles. Must have own instruments/equipment.

Preparation: Please prepare a short (two min max) physically based piece, with or without speaking.  The physical piece should tell a story or convey meaning in some way, it shouldn’t be perfomance art or dance. A CD player, computer speakers, and IPOD dock will be available if the use of recorded sound is required for your piece. *Separate interview dates will take place in Sep. for the role of Fate. Please send an e-mail stating interest and experience to arrange an interview.

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