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Thank you for your interest in supporting Filament Theatre! Filament Theatre is a 501(C)3 Non Profit Charitable Organization. Which means that we rely on public support in order to operate and any profit we make goes back into the community. Over 50% of our income comes from donations from individual, foundation, corporate, community, and government support. That means all the money we make from tickets, classes, summer camp, workshops, consulting, and rentals only makes up for half of the money we need to keep the lights on.

Filament imagines a world where young people are the experts and adults are allies as we work to build a more just world. At Filament, the word PLAY is both a noun and a verb. The audience joins in the play-ing at every step, from family workshops and pre show games to the performances themselves. Filament’s unique production process welcomes young people into the room as essential collaborators, which makes our plays both relevant and revolutionary. Everything you see at Filament was created with help from young people! Filament is a leader in the field of Theatre for Young Audiences and is a sought after partner for organizations looking to increase their connection to family audiences.

Learn more from past Youth Collaborators about what makes Filament’s process different:

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