Filament Theatre Presents
An immersive, audio-led, theatrical experience by Threshold

Filament Theatre is delighted to follow our hit production of ‘Forts: Build Your Own Adventure‘ with this brand new, immersive, participatory play-at-home adventure!

Mountain Goat Mountain

Dates: February 20 – March 21, 2021
Price: $15 and up
Location: Your Living Room

1 pass = 30 days of unlimited on-demand access!

Passes on sale now. Mountain Goat Mountain is an on-demand experience. Access your pass any time between February 20 and March 21.

How to visit Mountain Goat Mountain

Buy your pass!

On sale now!

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Note: due to limitations with our ticketing system, all passes are dated March 21st.

 On February 20th, you’ll receive an email with a secret code. Follow the instructions to set up your personal account. 

Receive your secret code!
Visit Fannie’s Cafe!

Local adventurers – you can add fresh baked treats from our friends at Fannie’s to your pass! Look for the option at check-out.

Once you create your account, you’re ready to visit Mountain Goat Mountain. Simply follow the prompts on Threshold’s website. Once your account is activated, you can visit as many times as you want for 30-days.

Climb Mountain Goat Mountain!


About the Show:

photo by Lakshal Perera

When Filament was forced to close our hit production of Forts last spring, we searched the world over to find the perfect adventure for our home-bound audience. And we found it on the opposite side of the globe! Mountain Goat Mountain was created by the Australian company Threshold, and comes to Chicago for the very first time in partnership with Filament. 

Just like Forts, you are the star of Mountain Goat Mountain. 

Using just a bedsheet, a phone or computer, pencils and a piece of paper, Mountain Goat Mountain immerses families in a 45 minute theatrical experience. Children and families are carried along by a narrative soundscape, and invited to bring their own creativity and imagination to the performance.

Run time: While Mountain Goat Mountain happens at your own pace, most families complete the experience in about 45-60 minutes.

What People are Saying:

★★★★★ “an immersive online experience … it is perfectly pitched.”

Sunday Business Post, Ireland

“One of the most beautiful family arts adventures I have ever seen”

Early Arts UK

“A wonderful lounge room adventure, and will be one of our fondest memories of this topsy turvy time in history”

Happy parent

More questions about your visit to Mountain Goat Mountain? Reach out to us at


Limit of 1 pass per household. Pass purchase is required to add on an Adventure Pack.

Pass to Mountain Goat Mountain

Pass start at $15 for 30 days of unlimited on-demand access. You will be sent your secret code on the first day of the season to experience Mountain Goat Mountain with your family, in your home.

You can activate your pass between February 20 – March 21, 2021 on Threshold’s website using the instructions in your email. Your registration will be valid for 30 days once you activate your account – so feel free to do it once, do it twice, do it as many times as you like! 

If you value this experience at more than $15 and are in a position to give, you have the option at check out to donate. Any amount donated over $15 will help Filament cover income lost due to COVID-19.

Note: Due to limitations with our ticketing system, all passes are dated March 21st. This does not affect your ability to access Mountain Goat Mountain beginning February 20th.

If you have any questions, please email

★Add-on★ Adventure Snack Pack

(Partnership with Fannie’s Cafe)

Adventure Packs are $10 and can be added on to your pass at check-out! We are partnering with our neighbor, Fannie’s Cafe, to provide freshly baked snacks for the whole family to bring on their at-home adventure.

Available only to local pass-buyers. Any amount over $25 donated at check out will help both Filament and Fannie’s Cafe cover income lost due to COVID-19.

Snack Packs can be picked up in-person between February 20 – March 21 at Fannie’s Cafe (4042 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60641) during Fannie’s regular business hours (Tue-Sat 8am-3pm and Sun 8am-2pm).

How it Works

What you need: A sheet (the bigger the better), a piece of blank paper, coloured pencils, a device (computer, phone, iPad) you can plug into speakers – you’re going to want to play it really loud! Some people you love.

How many can play: Groups of two or more people

The Team

Threshold Australia

Mountain Goat Mountain is a Threshold Experience created by Zoë Barry, Tahli Corin, Liz Francis, Nikita Hederics and Sarah Lockwood.

To learn more about the creators and Threshold Australia, click below!