board headshots (2)Philip Schwartz

Board member since 2017

Philip Schwartz (he/him) is among the top rated Realtors in Chicago.  He was named one of Chicago’s Most Influential Residential Real Estate Broker by Crain’s Custom Media. In 2016 he formed a team with @properties and in 2017 was honored with the a prestigious award for being in the Top 1% of all teams having previously been there as an agent as well. He specializes in residential real estate, but is active in both his business and his community by supporting organizations, charities and neighborhood groups with donations, fundraising efforts and spending time on their respective boards to assist with the creation and implementation of policies and procedures. He and his wife Jenny own a bungalow in the Portage Park Bungalow Historic District and have live on the northwest side for 17 years, 10 in Portage Park, and are big fans and supporters of theatre, music, arts.