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Are you a lover of mythological creatures and magical beings?

Have you ever wanted to create your own?

Join us for Myths and Magic: Wild Journey!

About Myths and Magic: Wild Journey:

In this virtual class we’ll use theater games, creative writing, costumes and makeup to transform ourselves into original fantastical characters. Together we’ll craft the world that our creations inhabit and uncover the wild journey that awaits them.

Class Length: 8 weeks

When: Mondays, 5 – 6 pm from January 31st – March 28th, 2022

Where: Virtual

Ages: 8-14

Price: $90
This virtual class is appropriate for both new and continuing Myths & Magic-makers. 

Class Length: 8 weeks

When: Tuesdays, 5 – 6 pm from January 18th – March 8th, 2022

Where: In-person at Filament Theatre 

Ages: 5 – 8

Price: $100

About Tales From the Forest:

Using classic fairy tales as inspiration, we will work together to create NEW tales filled with villains, members of royalty, and plenty of sidekick woodland creatures! This class will encourage students to use their bodies, voices, and imaginations to collaborate on wacky original stories that celebrate nature!

“At Filament, it’s different because we get to make our own costumes and stories and characters.” 
Age, 9

About Filament's Education Programs:

Filament’s education programs focus on amplifying the creativity of the young participants. With Filament there are no scripts and no assigned roles–each participant creates their own dream role. Through drama and creative play, Filament’s experienced teaching artists support everyone in creating their own dialogue, characters, stories, costumes, and sometimes their own play.

“My three children are having a blast. I’m so glad we discovered your theater company.” 
Julie H.

More about our programs:


Multi-week Filament classes amplify the creativity of participants and grow skills in creative problem solving, teamwork, confident public speaking, analysis of text, design, community engagement, and more — all while creating something fun that makes them proud!


Filament’s PlayDates are single day 1-2 hour workshops with an emphasis in building skills in all areas of theater. PlayDates create a space for young people to connect with one another and share their new techniques.