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May 21 – June 25
Saturdays @ 11am
July 9 – July 23:
Saturdays @ 11am & 2pm
(No performances 6/11 or 7/2)
All tickets: $20

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“Come, neighbors, come! The game is afoot. Onto your bicycles and ride!”

Search the neighborhood along side the great Sherlock Holmes, interviewing witnesses and finding clues to save the Northwest Side from a most nefarious plot. Either bring your bike or your walking shoes because there’s no telling where the clues will lead…

Audience Information:

  • Recommended for everyone ages 8+
  • Choose between a walking or biking group (BYO-Bike)

The run time is about 120 minutes.

See FAQs for more info

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SherlockWorkshoptableThe Production Team

Playwright: Jessica Wright Buha
Director: Christian Libonati*
Scenic Designer: Eleanor Kahn*
Costume Designer: Emily Waeker

The Cast


Alex Tey Sherlock
Alex Ireys Red Sherlock
Sara Sawicki Blue Sherlock
Aissa Guerra Green Sherlock
Nathan Drackett Watson
Andrew Marikis Green Watson
Kristina Loy Red Watson
David Gordezky Blue Watson
Millie Rose Alderman Jasinski
Sarah Hecht Dr. Bruna
Jessica Kearney Dr. Kinklebaum
Cory David Williamson Mr. Garcia
Roberto Jonson Officer Bryant
Suzy Jackson Aunt Ollie
Cathy Rubino Aunt Ollie (Alternate)
Christopher Sylvie Parks Employee
Kelsey Godfrey Internet Repair Person
Sean Foer Streets and Sanitation Employee
Clara Byczkowski Cleaning Woman

With cameos by Alanna Bougher and Dale Harris

*Filament Resident Artist

Community Partners:

Special thanks to Josi’s Frozen Yogurt, City News Cafe, Fannie’s Bakery & Cafe, St. John’s Episcopal Church (Bowling Alley), Sears, the Sears Key Shop, and Marc Sussman.

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Sherlock Audience Image

Photo by Dominick Maino

From the Critics:

“SHERLOCK is the perfect summer activity…

Do you remember what it was like to see your world as a game?… I was happy to catch a glimpse of that feeling again this weekend with SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE MYSTERY OF PORTAGE PARK … adults and children alike take delight in the seemingly ordinary world around them.” – PerformInk, Critics Pick (Erin Roche) Read the full review…

“”Filament Theatre Ensemble serves up a family treat that warms up the cheeks of everyone from your fourth grader to blousy Aunt Millicent… Situations that inspire childhood giggles are melded with historical sleuthing…and community building…. Grab the kids and go!” Newcity Stage, Recommended (Aaron Hunt) Read the full review…

From the Audience:

“We had everyone from ages 8-50+ in our group, and there was fun had by all. The walking wasn’t strenuous either. I’m pregnant and had zero issues keeping pace, and my mom, who has back problems was completely fine as well…As soon as we left, we were planning on when we would come back and do it again…100% unique in every way with five star performances by all! Bravo Filament Theatre, you’ve just won yourself a big time fan! … ” – Bella via Yelp Read the full review on Yelp

Sherlock-2 (Small)

Photo by Dominick Maino

“I loved how the fun started with the cases we had to solve. I loved my red group…. I loved the singing and the humming… Super super fun.”  – Seth age 11 via email

“I can not tell you how much me and my 11 year old son enjoyed the show. As we were leaving, my son exclaimed “That was the best time I’ve had in a long time!”  (And thats from a kid that loves the rush from thrill rides.) … I was impressed with how the neighborhood embraced the performance… Thank you for such a fun afternoon. We will be back.” – Cheryl (Seth’s mom) via email

“Awesome very well thought out! … We will return with my niece and nephew, been talking it up since.” – Steve via email

“I LOVED this show!! FIVE STARS!!!” – Bella via Facebook

“Fun was had by all. Highly recommend it.” – Doug1977 via Everyblock

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Pictures from our 2015 Workshop:

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SherlockFAQsI’m confused by the ticketing groups, what do they mean?

The audience will be split up in different groups over the course of the show for traveling purposes. There are groups that walk and groups that bicycle. Be sure to pick whichever method of travel is comfortable for you. Bicycles are not provided by the theater.

How is the audience traveling?

As an audience member, you will either be walking on foot with Sherlock or biking with Sherlock around the neighborhood. Audience members who sign up for a biking group (and bring their own bicycle) will bike to locations out of basic walking distance. Audience members who sign up for a walking track will walk to businesses and locations in the immediate vicinity of Filament.

Are there discounts for children or seniors?

For this show, we are not offering discounted individual tickets. However you can purchase a Filament TenPass that equals out to $12 per ticket. More info at

Is this a childrens show?

The show is recommended for adventurous audience members ages 8 and up. There are many opportunities for critical thinking and deduction that require the most skilled intellect. Your mind will be challenged no matter your age. Regardless of age, come prepared to play!

Are Group Discounts available?

Yes! We offer the Filament TenPass that equals out to $12 per ticket. More info at Groups of 15 of more, will be split up among the traveling groups.

How long is the show?

The show runs approximately 100 minutes with no intermission. There will be opportunities for restroom breaks during the show.

What if weather conditions are bad?

In the event of bad weather, all people who have purchased tickets will be emailed to notify you of the status of the show. In the event that the show is cancelled, you will be contacted by the box office to re-schedule your ticket. If the weather is threatening, see Filament’s twitter feed or facebook page for updates. You can also email:

What do I need to bring with me?

Water, comfortable clothing, Sun wear (sunscreen, hat, glasses), and of course your excellent powers of observation. **If you have purchased a biking group ticket, you must bring your own bike and helmet.

Are any of the groups wheelchair accessible?

The walking groups travel to all wheelchair friendly locations.

I want to bring my 8 year old daughter but I don’t want to leave my 6 year old son at home. Can I bring children under the age recommendation?

We do have a recommendation for ages 8+ because of the active nature of this show. However, younger siblings can join too. We encourage younger audience members to go with the walking groups. No strollers.

How challenging is the biking group?

The biking group rides just under 2 miles during the show. It travels neighborhood streets instead of main roads as much as possible.

I get nervous with audience participation. Is this show not for me?

As long as you feel comfortable travelling with a small group, you will be made to feel empowered by the actors. No one will be asked to do anything they are uncomfortable doing.

How far is the walking group going?

The walking group travels about a half mile in total. There are a few stopping points along the way.

Do you have any bikes to rent?

Filament does not have bicycles to rent, however, there is now a DIVVY BIKE station just around the block from Filament at Milwaukee & Cuyler ave. Click here to learn more…

I’m bringing a bike, but my tires are low on air. Does Filament have a bike pump?

Yes! We will have a pump in the lobby. If you know your bike needs air ahead of time, please fill your tires before the show starts. If this is your first ride of the season, please test ride it (or visit a tune-up shop) in advance to anticipate if there may be any issues before coming to Filament.

Where can I park?

There is limited street parking available on Milwaukee Ave., but ample parking at the Sears lot at Cicero/Irving Park Road.

Are concessions available?

Concessions will not be available at Filament but there will be opportunities in your group to get treats at businesses that you visit during the show.

Can I have my birthday party to the show?

Yes! After the show, we would be happy to set up a table for any treats you would like to bring for your party. Be sure to email ahead of time so that we can prepare for you.

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FilamentTenPassTo see the show for only $12/ticket, consider purchasing a Filament TenPass!

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