Zach Barr

Zach Barr (they/them) is a nonbinary multidisciplinary theatre artist based in Chicago. They are a member of Red Theater’s Artistic Cohort, and are currently developing their new play ENDURING JEST through the Playwrights Residency at Three Brothers Theatre. Their play NEW OLEANNA is a 2024 selection for the Valdez Theatre Conference, and they have received readings from Fat Theatre Project, PlayGround Chicago, Littlebrain Theatre, and Chicago Dramatists. As a director, Zach’s work includes THE LEGACY OF SHERWOOD FOREST (Inkwell Arts), DOUBLE VISION (Chicago Music Theatre Festival), and THE LARAMIE PROJECT (Studio East). Additionally, Zach is the creator of the theatre history video essay series "And Now, They Sing” ( They hold a BA from Northwestern University. @admiralzachbarr