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Lightbulb Lab Volume 4: This Is Not A…!

Theatre makers use their imaginations to transform one thing into another. A block of wood? Now it’s a set piece! A scrap of fabric? Now it’s featured on stage as a prop! This week, we explore improvisation (or making things up without a script!) to challenge ourselves to be creative with things we already have: our bodies, our voices, our imaginations…and some household objects, too!

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Lightbulb Lab Volume 2: Household Histories

Shelter-in-place is full of challenges for people of all ages. Young people may find their routine of school, play, and friends disrupted. Older relatives or folks living alone may feel lonely, disconnected, or disappointed to miss out on time with rapidly growing young family members. This week, we will explore interview techniques to help bridge this gap, and connect young people with their relatives in a new way.

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Lightbulb Lab Volume 1: Dispatches from the Future

This week, we’re using our imaginations to bend time and space. What will we think about this period when we’re in the future looking back? What would someone from the past think about the present? How can we travel without leaving our homes?
We’ve got five main activities – plus a whole bunch of bonus activities. So jump in your time machine and let’s get exploring!