Stuff Ryan Likes

Well, hello there. Like you, I carry many titles. Whether son, neighbor, artist, temp, or tenant our titles help shape and define us as individuals. They make us human, give us purpose, and offer perspective. I find it interesting how people change depending on what title they happen to have on at the time. Below are some of my titles and things attached to them that I like.

Stuff Ryan likes:

Bikram Working and volunteering with My partner Jay and his awesome
Coloring, drawing, painting, and doodling. Supporting local, sustainable, and environmentally conscious businesses. Skyping with my nieces and nephews. Collaboration. Day dreaming. All things Central Park (especially the conservatory gardens at east 105th st). A Brief Encounter (stage and movie). The Books Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The History of Love, and Oh, The Places You’ll Go. TV shows Modern Family, Weeds, Dexter, and Slings and Arrows. Shakespeare. My family. Incredible friends. Travel. Exploration. Kindness. Coffee (especially when sipped on my back porch on a beautiful day. And finally, the fact that you read this. Thanks.