Think Fast, Jordan Chase! - Filament Theatre

a magical new play where you choose what happens next

Think Fast, Jordan Chase! travels through space and time. Follow Jordan Chase as she navigates the difficulties of making a decision that may jeopardize her relationship with her best friend, Mahari, and a decision that may harm the new student, Ryan. With help from the audience, Jordan’s mystical Grandma Nicky transports Jordan to another world where she’ll get to the root of the issue between Mahari and Ryan. Jordan will rely on your help to choose the right path for her.

Think Fast, Jordan Chase!

Written by: Sonia Goldberg

Directed by: Jamal Howard

Dates: March 11th – April 16th, 2023

Show Times: 

Public Performances: Weekends at 2pm 

Field Trips: Tuesday and Thursday Mornings 

Ages: Best enjoyed by 8+ (more info below)

Price: $10-15

Address: 4041 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60641


$15 for 15

For our 15 year anniversary, we’re making the pledge to never charge more than $15 per person to any public performances in our 22/23 season! Please consider matching us in this pledge by donating $15 or more to help us celebrate 15 years of affordable, accessible, and inventive fun at Filament! 

Think Fast, Jordan Chase! was made possible through these amazing partnerships! 
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