Towards a Sustainable Theatre

September 30 – November 13 2011
Friday and Saturday at 8:00pm
Sunday at 2:00pm
The Den Theatre
1333 N. Milwaukee Ave.

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Through the use of ritual, music, movement, and storytelling, From the Circle: Remembering the Earth through Folktales is a beautiful reminder of how the natural world has shaped the dreams and ideas of humanity for centuries. At once timeless and extremely topical, these folk tales speak to our ever-changing relationship with the natural world, and the ongoing cycle of creation, destruction, and recreation that is so deeply present in our lives.

From the Circle is also an important stepping stone in our ongoing sustainability efforts.  All elements of the design of From the Circle are recycled, reclaimed, or non-toxic, as we take into consideration the complete life cycle of all our design materials.  We at Filament are working towards the goal of a zero-waste theatre model, and From the Circle is a key step on that journey!

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The Folks at Filament

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From the Circle: Remembering the Earth Through Folktales

Tiffany Williams, Philip de Guzman, Lindsey Dorcus*, and Audrey Bertaux-Skeirik*

Production Team:
Jack Novak* and Cast (Adapter), Jack Novak* (Director), Mary Spearen* (Costume Design), Omen Sade* (Scenic Design), Will C. Dean (Lighting Design), Kati Sweaney (Dramaturge), and Christian Libonati* (Production Assistant).

*Denotes member of the Filament Theatre Ensemble