Allison Sword

The Snow Queen, FORTS: Build Your Own Adventure, The Lightbulb Lab Volume 6 guest Editor

Allison Sword (she/her/hers) is a Chicago theatre maker and teaching artist. She originally hails from Columbia, Missouri where she attended Stephens College, graduating with a BFA in Theatre Arts. In Columbia she found her love of teaching at the company where she first started acting, TRYPS Children’s Theatre, teaching with them for over six years. She also served as a TYA Fellow at the Boji Banatm in Okoboji, Iowa before moving to Chicago. As an actor Allison has worked with numerous companies around the city, including the Public House, New Millennium, Three Brothers Theatre, Janus Theatre Company, and is a company member with the Elgin Shakespeare Project. As a teaching artist she works with Kerfuffle, the Stage School, and of course with Filament Theatre.